Demands Sample


To                                                                                                                                                              Date:

Al Hayat Recruiting Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                  

Licence No : 1118/073/074

 Kathmandu Nepal


Subject: Recruitment of Manpower from Nepal.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the power of attorney executed by us in your favor, we hereby request you to kindly recruit the following people to work in our organization.

SR. Category Required number Basic Salary
1. Labour 100 900


These candidates are required to works for our project. The period of contract shall be for 2 (two) years which may be renewed for further periods. In addition to salary, the company shall provide.

  • Duty hour 8 hours per day & 6 day a week
  • Free bachelor accommodation provided along with free food or 300 AED as food allowance
  • Free transport provided
  • Free joining ticket by the company
  • Overtime will be provided as per the Qatar labor law
  • Entitled air ticket after completion of every 2 years
  • Other benefit as per the UAE Labour Law for the private sector which shall be mentioned in the contract to be signed by the candidates.
  • This letter will be of 2 original copies
  • Free Visa provided by company.
  • Medical and Insurance Provided by the company
  • Entitled with 21 days paid leave annually


Note: Recruitment fees is not provided

Therefore you are requested to send detail the bio data & passport copies of prospective candidates to enable us to process their visa.


Yours Faithfully

For   M/S




                                          Power of Attorney


Know by all men by these that we M/s.   ABCD                                                      PO Box ——-Qatar,  a company organized under the laws of the UAE do hereby appoint M/s. Al Hayat Recruiting Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Licencse No-1118/073/074, Post box No. 8973, Sinamangal-34, Kathmandu, Nepal. As our true and lawful agents to handle the affairs concerning the recruitment of workers as per out demand letter issued to them. They are also authorized to complete all formalities in respect of the selected workers required by the labor department in Nepal and to arrange the passports, air ticket and other clearance for deployment to the workers.


In Witness we have give the power of attorney until it is revoked.


Yours Faithfully

For M/S



Agency Agreement

This contract is made and entered into force between M/S ABCD represented by Mr. XYZ (hereafter called the first party) and M/S Al Hayat Recruiting Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Represented by managing director Mr. Manoj Regmi (hereafter called the second party) for the recruitment of workforce for Nepal in accordance with terms and conditions as mentioned below:

1.The first party has agreed to provide necessary documents such as demand letter, power of attorney, agency agreement, and employment agreement and guarantee paper to the second party.

  1. The first party shall be responsible to guarantee the fulfillment of the condition agreed upon the employee regarding salary, accommodation and other condition as states in the demand letter and to make sure that the worker and paid their monthly salary on             regular basis and other facilities.
  2. The second party agreed to mobilize the required number of manpower for the first party.
  3. The second party agreed to explain the employment terms and conditions, job nature, salary, accommodation etc., to the workers at the time of interview on before         departure.
  4. The second party agreed to provide the selected workers for the required jobs on time.
  5. The second party agreed to arrange all test requirements according to the first party orders for selecting unskilled, skilled and professional workers.
  6. The second party undertakes to replace any worker who is found not suitable for health or work reasons during the probation period of 6 months.
  7. Both parties agreed to co-operate with each other for fulfilling the demand on mutual benefits.
  8. Recruitment fees is not provided.

Both parties here to have discussed all the above terms and conditions in details and agreed to all terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement and affixed their signature in two identical original on to be checked by each party.

The First party                                                                                                                                          The Second Pary

Mr.                                                                                                                                            Mr. Manoj Regmi

M/S                                                                                                    M/S Al Hayat Recruiting Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


Guarantee Letter



The Director General,

Department of labor & employment promotion,

Ministry of labor & transport management,

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Sub: Guarantee


Dear Sir,

We M/s.                                         PO Box ——-         Qatar. Hereby guarantee that the workers as per our demand letter of labour  executed in favour of M/S Al Hayat Recruiting Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Nepal The terms and conditions will be as follows.


  1. The candidates will work in our organization as a specified throughout the contract period, Hence we give surely of continuation of the Nepalese worker with us during the                                                   contract period.
  2. The basic salary of AED. as per demand letter  will be give n to the candidates


The first party


For M/S


                                   Employment Agreement                         Date:


This agreement has been made between M/S                             (hereafter called the first party) and ___________________, Nepalese nationality bearing passport No ____________ issued on ____________ (hereinafter called second party) observing in a good faith on the following terms and conditions.

Therefore the two parties have been mutually agreed as follows:

  1. Post :                ————————–
  2. Monthly Salary : ————————–
  3. Working hours : 8 hour per day & 6 days per week
  4. Food : Provided by the company
  5. Accommodation : A Bachelor sharing accommodation

Provided by the company

  1. Transport : Provided by the company
  2. Visa : Free Visa Provided by company
  3. Period of contract:-

The contract shall remain valid for 2 years commencing for the date of joining the work in Dubai, If your performance was found accepted by the company during the contract period your employment period will renewed further at the decision of the management.

  1. Probation Period:-

The second party shall subject to probation for a period of 6 months from the date of joining. If his performance is found to be unsatisfactory during the probationary period employer shall reserve the right to terminate his service without notice.

  1. Overtime:-

For work put beyond 8 normal Hrs per day, the second party will be entitled to overtime payment as per the policy of the company.

  1. Medical & Insurance:-

Medical treatment and Insurance in line with the rules of the company and the second party will be entitled to medical scheme & Insurance scheme valid in Qatar

  1. Annual Leave Entitlement:

Employer will provide 21 days of paid leave annually to the employee.


The First party                                                                                              The Second party



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